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Letter Unsent

With a pen in my hand, I sat next the desk
Trying to get the guilt off my chest
You can never repay the love of a wife
Who will stand by your side all through your life

I'm ninety years old and ready to die
After fifty three years of wiping tears from your eye.
We've shared so much love and joy 'long the way,
But there's always been something I just couldn't say

I was lonely and sad and so far away
I stopped thinking of you and my trust ran astray
It was one foolish night so many years ago
I remember her face but her name I didn't know.

It was so long ago that I did what I did.
When I tainted the love we formed in our bed.
For so many years have I tried to repent.
For the night that is sealed in my letter unsent.

And every single time I tried to let you know.
All about that letter I wanted to show.
I knew there were deeds you could never forgive.
But I need you to know now before I cease to live.

I know it's unfair to tell you this now.
As the expression is fading away from my brow.
I never wanted to tell you like this.
Please send me on with one final kiss.

Josh Corwin

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